Step 1.
Download and accept the competition rules for a specific trade fair event – home page www.zlotymedal.mtp.pl – left side menu – bottom bar.

Step 2.
Download and complete appropriate trade fair competition application form – top menu – "MTP Gold Medal" tab - "Applications and Rules".

Step 3.
Send the completed documents, together with a set of information materials and photos, to the following address:

Agnieszka Polacka

phone: +48 61 869 22 06, +48 668 805 018
fax: +48 61 866 61 34
e-mail: agnieszka.polacka@wtcpoznan.pl


Step 4.
Wait for a phone call, letter or e-mail concerning your application (supplementing, explanation of inaccuracies) and for the information on the outcome of the Competition.

The MTP Gold Medal competition is dedicated to products that are exhibited at the Fair stands and characterized by outstanding qualities:

  • innovative application
  • degree of using innovative solutions,
  • economical product and operation – price, cost of operation and maintenance, cost of disposal,
  • product's environmental impact, including recycling, biodegradability,
  • low material and energy consumption,
  • functionality of the product understood as a combination of the utility and practicality criteria,
  • product aesthetics,
  • degree of the solutions' adaptation for practical applications – in the case of research projects.


Gold Medal - Consumers' Choice
You may find the Rules of the Gold Medal - Consumer's Choice competition  here.
Here are some steps that you should take to register your participation in the Competition.
Application for participation is not tantamount to being granted the award. The decision to award the Medal to a registered product is the result of the decision of the Jury independent in its decisions, composed of eminent experts representing specific areas of science and economy (the compositions of the Competition Juries are available at www.zlotymedal.mtp.pl).