Three-rail electric fencing

Equi Safe Försäljnings AB, Sweden

Submitted by: EQUISAFE UK, United Kingdom


Equisafe is a leading manufacturer of horse fences in Europe. Our products offer: safety, stability, durability, good visibility and aesthetics, no need of maintenance, easy installation. Electric wire is spirally embedded into the fence rails. The fencing is perfectly safe for horses because of the rounded shape of the elements and internal electric connections that are inside the rails. A 10-year warranty is provided on the Equisafe fencing. Unbreakable! Made of HDPE.

RESPIBLEND – blend of herbs assist the functioning of the respiratory system

Green Horse, Ratajewicze


Respiblend is a blend of ten specially selected herbs known for centuries due to their beneficial properties. This fully natural blend is composed of thickly cut leaves, roots and flowers. Due to careful selection and ideal proportions, the ingredients complement one another and intensify the effect.

Herbs used in this blend stimulate mucous secretion in the upper respiratory tract, relieve irritation caused by inflammation, act as demulcents, soothe cough, exert bacteriostatic, diastolic and expectorating effects, accelerate recovery after respiratory diseases and have anti-allergic effects.