The Gold Medal - Consumers' Choice competition, where the winner is chosen by visitors and internet users, is an addition to the formula of the MTP Gold Medal competition. For thirty days from the beginning of the fair they can cast their votes via the website and at special stands - the Champions' Zones - in the passage of the "4-pack". Over 500,000 votes have been cast and nearly 200 products have been awarded this way since the year 2012, which demonstrates the scale and scope of the action.


A vote for, according to consumers, the best of the Gold Medal winning products, can be cast in the Champions; Zones or via the www.zlotymedal.com website.

Champions' Zone

  • On the touch screen select the fair in which the Gold Medal to the product that you are interested in has been awarded.
  • Find the product you are interested in. When you click its logo, detailed information on the award-winning product shall be displayed, as well as the name of the company manufacturing the product and the location of its stand at the fair. At this stage, you may go back to the list of all awards and become familiar with other products.
  • Select the "Vote" and button and the system will immediately add your vote to all previously cast – including those cast online.
  • After a few seconds you will see the actual results of the competition. Thanks to the graphical presentation, you can quickly get an idea of how your favourite product is doing.

If you have any questions or need assistance in voting, people managing the Champions' Zone will provide you with all the information about the awarded products and the Gold Medal and Gold Medal – Consumers' Choice competitions.


  • Go to www.zlotymedal.com
  • Find the grey "Consumers' Choice" menu on the left, and then select from the list the fair you are interested in.
  • Refer to the information on the products awarded the Gold Medal and click the "Vote" button by the product you are interested in. Your vote will be automatically added to other votes.
  • After a few seconds you will see the actual results of the competition. Thanks to the graphical presentation, you can quickly get an idea of how your favourite product is doing.

Via the Gold Medal website, the votes may be cast for 30 days from the start of the trade fair. In addition to the currently ongoing voting, the list also includes links to finished voting, where you can check the results from the previous trade fairs.



The system supporting the web voting application prevents repeat voting using the same computer (IP address) on the same day. In the Zones and on the competition mobile websites the access to the statistics is possible at any time. In addition, people managing the Champions' Zone, in addition to providing any information on the Gold Medal, make sure that visitors who take part in the vote do not cast their votes repeatedly on the same day.

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie as the Organizer of the competition for the prestigious "Gold Medal – Consumers' Choice" award, makes every effort to make the rules of the competition for the best product clear and transparent. Therefore we kindly ask you to observe them  , especially with regard to the principle that only one vote per day may be cast on a particular product - each Voter has a right to cast one vote per day. The principle applies to both Internet users and those of you who cast their votes in the Champions' Zones. The votes submitted in series in the Champions' Zones (in small intervals by one person), or multiple votes from the same IP address cast on the same day are deleted from the System and shall not be taken into account when calculating the final results of the voting.