At MTP, it is no longer unusual for anybody that the awards for innovative products are more and more often received by Polish engineers. Almost all the products awarded during the final Gold Medal - Consumers' Choice Gala is the result of the work of Polish companies.

We are no longer a country in which ready-made solutions are only used or produced for global companies. Polish businesses increasingly often conquer foreign markets thanks to their patents. Consumers see that and appreciate more and more. It is confirmed by the MTP gold medallists, additionally awarded by the final recipients. 

Polish technical thought

Polish engineers have their own recipes, e.g. for improving safety conditions at work. The AWIA Horyzont® System machine - man route collision detector, manufactured by the ENTE company from Gliwice, begins its career abroad. 

- AWIA Horyzont combines several simple principles of physics and uses the properties of electronic materials. The device works very quickly, since it uses innovative semiconductor technologies. The calculations take place within 56 microseconds, while competing devices need a few seconds to do that. At that time, a vehicle in the plant area moving at a speed of 20 km/h covers the distance of several metres and is a real threat to employees. Frequently the truck operator's visibility is limited due to the truck load. Thanks to the AWIA system, you can stop such truck much faster - said Roman Ogaza, a Constructor at Ente.

Another example is the decoder of Cyfrowy Polsat. - EVOBOX is a multifunctional device that can replace multiple boxes that take up the space in the house. Not only is it a decoder dedicated for the reception of satellite channels, but it also enables you to view vacation photographs, enjoy an Internet radio or online services. This is a product for the users representing every age group - for those looking for technical innovations and those who are less interested in news, but appreciate convenience more - said Adam Klementowicz, the constructor of the Cyfrowy Polsat decoder.

Users are accustomed to the fact that electronics that surrounds them in their houses has been manufactured by global corporations. EVOBOX, however, was created in the country by the Vistula River. - I had the pleasure to work on this project in the group of Polish engineers. The whole project was created in the Cyfrowy Polsat capital group - emphasized the constructor of the EVOBOX PVR decoder.

The need inspires to create

Modern equipment is also in an everyday element of medicine. We have already heard about the Polish exoskeletons for rehabilitation. Now we hear about new developments to facilitate the return to health. For example about the AsTER Cardiological Rehabilitation Unit, an innovative system designed to carry out the group rehabilitation, ensuring individualized course of the training and ECG monitoring for each patient.

- In medicine, prevention is cheaper than cure. Rehabilitation is also a form of prevention. There is always the risk that a patient with a cardiac incident may return to the hospital for acute treatment. Therefore it is better to minimize this risk. Polish cardiology is doing great in the modern world. We have been supporting it with modern equipment for 30 years - said Andrzej Wrześniowski, CEO of ASPEL from Zabierzów.

How are innovative products created? - In response to market needs. Our wireless meter is part of a larger system. It can of course be used alone as a meter of the energy entering and leaving the facility, but its main premise is to cooperate with photovoltaic installations. Then it is simply the eyes of a photovoltaic inverter - said Mariusz Pałubicki, a constructor from the SPIRVENT company, manufacturer of the award-winning Watta wireless energy monitor.

Not only electronics

Innovation is not just electronics. New solutions more and more often enter the traditional industries and sectors of the economy. It would seem that in such a canister nothing more innovative can be developed. And yet it is possible: - From the outside you cannot see that, but our awarded product was formed using the multi-layer technology. It has a protective layer, i.e. a barrier to prevent oxidation and protect against the migration of aggressive substances into the environment. Our packaging serves different industries. From the chemistry sector to the food industry - said Piotr Stachowicz, a member of the board of the Suwary company.

In agriculture, the race for new developments is also in progress. - Our Rosomak corn variety is ideally suited for cultivation in Polish conditions. It is distinguished by a very good initial growth and drought tolerance. It is also free from GMO, which was appreciated by the consumers who gave their award to us. With this distinction, more growers will learn about it - said Henryk Cygert, a constructor at Hodowla Roślin Smolice.

Medal as a passport

And how is the Gold Medal - Consumers' Choice perceived by other winners? - With this award, it is easier to become successful in the market - said Zenon Sztobryn, the president and owner of the Pionart company, awarded for the Rhino formwork system. 

- People simply ask about that award. Gold medallists are supported by the entire MTP promotion system, which is very important to us. It happens to us that customers start a conversation with referring to that award. And the Consumers' Choice is a true elite of medallists - added Piotr Stachowicz, a member of the board of the Suwary company.

Roman Ogaza stressed that the Gold Medal will give the Ente company from Gliwice better recognition, not only in Poland. - Foreign companies are starting to ask about our product - added the constructor.

More information about the MTP Gold Medal award - www.zlotymedal.mtp.pl

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